Sound post-production, sound design, voiceover recordings, as well as effect and atmospheric recordings. We provide mixing for audiovisual productions.

Sound production on a film set, VR, commercials, TV programs, series. Proper selection of equipment and techniques for recording sound on the set are crucial for us.

Our studio makes music for films. Also we do mix and mastering for music artists. Great experience and knowledge making our productions professional and well sounded.

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Sound Engineer I Sound Mixer

Kamil Dzyr

Sound on film set, audio post-production and music production - three spheres of sound which are my passion and long career path.

The ability to combine them is crucial for my work. I analyze each scene in terms of the final sound already at the recording stage on the set, taking care of supplementing the material with the necessary effects, perspectives and details and emphasizing them at the post-production stage, creating a rich soundtrack composition.

The creation of space in sound gives me the greatest satisfaction, hence my passion for VR, fictional and commercial projects.

I have sound equipment, my own post-production studio and a voice-over base.

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Sound mixer and audio post production for commercials

Dźwiękowiec, studio, lektorzy - wszystko co niezbędne do stworzenia warstwy audio w reklamie.
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